SAU 29's 403(b) Plan

SAU 29's 403(b) Plan
403(b) plans are a way for employees of schools and other non-profit organizations to contribute money, pre-tax, for retirement savings. This type of plan, known as a Defined Contribution plan, allows employees to contribute up to $18,000 per year (employees over age 50 can contribute an additional $6,000) into the funds that best fit their investment goals. 

School Administrative Unit 29 is pleased to partner with Fidelity Investments as our exclusive provider of investment options and record keeping services for the SAU 29 403(b) plan. Fidelity is one of the nation's largest mutual fund companies, managing the accounts of more than 18 million investors. Fidelity offers a great combination of low fees, broad investment options, and comprehensive investment assistance to eligible SAU 29 employees. 

Setting Up a 403(b) Plan
Go to the Fidelity website via this link; or via Complete the online enrollment process*. You can also use some of their planning tools to decide how much to save and the types of funds that will best help you reach your goals. 

*Please note: On the Enrollment Form the SAU 29 plan number is 54585.
  • Make sure you have reach and understand the prospectus of the fund option(s) you are choosing. 
  • Once your account is set up, submit the completed Workplace Savings Plan Contribution Form, available below. 
  • Your 403(b) plan will start within 2-3 payroll cycles, depending upon when Fidelity processes your Enrollment Form. 

Once set up, information about your account is easily obtained on the Fidelity website, via; or by calling a Fidelity Retirement Specialist at 1-800-343-0860.

(Tip: The quickest way to speak to an Fidelity Enrollment Specialist is by pushing the #3 key three times.)

Information about transferring your account to Fidelity, as well as details on your new investment options and enhancements are available from the Benefits Office. 

403(b) Contribution Form